Better. Naturally.

It's not a slogan, it's our core belief. Max July 2023It's not a slogan, it's our core belief. Max July 2023
Better. Naturally. Max July 2023Better. Naturally. Max July 2023

At Max, we're driven by the common belief that nature knows best. We've made it our mission to reduce our impact and protect what we value most: our planet, with its natural beauty, and our people, who we share it with.

Here you'll find the steps we're undertaking to do better. We're not perfect, but we're determined to hold ourselves accountable and share with you our intent and progress.

Better for you, better for our planet and its people, better business, better products. Better for all, naturally.

Sustainable fabrics. Max July 2023Sustainable fabrics. Max July 2023




Leaving no stone unturned, we are constantly reviewing our garment construction. From sourcing regenerative, traceable merino through our partnership with the NZ Merino Company, through to using 100% French Linen, our journey in building an ethical supply chain starts with the fabrications your garments are crafted from. Currently 98% of our Max Range is made from natural (56%), naturally derived (35%) or repurposed fibres (6%).




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Wool Take Back Programme


In partnership with Woolyarns, Inter-Weave and our brother brand Barkers Men’s  Clothing we’ve launched The Wool Take Back Programme. We’re committed to taking back wool garments that have a content of 85% wool, and with the help from our mentioned friends, we’ll repurpose the yarn and close the loop by creating a locally made, New Zealand woollen blanket.




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Wool Take Back Programme. Max July 2023Wool Take Back Programme. Max July 2023
Circularity at Max with Designer Wardrobe. Max July 2023Circularity at Max with Designer Wardrobe. Max July 2023


Circularity at Max


Standing by our ethos of being kinder to our environment, we’ve recently launched resale at Max and now offer our customers a more sustainable way to shop. Joining forces with marketplace Designer Wardrobe as the exclusive partner to Sell Later on DW, customers can opt in from the point of purchase to close the loop and keep Max pieces circular. Re-sell supports our continued efforts in becoming a more responsible business and achieving our sustainable sourcing goals.




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Better NaturallyBetter Naturally