Discover a stunning selection of sustainable yet fashionable linen clothing for women. From flowy linen dresses, skirts to blazers and jackets, linen clothing at Max is made with the highest quality linen. Pairing sustainability with style, invest in garments that are made to last with our extensive range of women’s linen clothing online now.

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  1. Jess Linen Blend Cap Jess Linen Blend Cap
  2. Kendall Shirred Top Kendall Shirred Top
  3. Stevie Shirred Detail Top Stevie Shirred Detail Top
  4. The Contrast Stitch Midi Dress The Contrast Stitch Midi Dress
  5. The Contrast Stitch Shift Dress The Contrast Stitch Shift Dress
  6. The Contrast Stitch Mini Skirt The Contrast Stitch Mini Skirt
  7. Pippa Wide Leg Linen Pant Pippa Wide Leg Linen Pant
  8. Mia Linen Sleeve Detail Top Mia Linen Sleeve Detail Top
  9. The Linen Cargo Pant The Linen Cargo Pant
  10. The Panelled Linen Skirt The Panelled Linen Skirt
  11. The Perfect Flared Dress The Perfect Flared Dress
  12. The Contrast Stitch Shirt The Contrast Stitch Shirt
  13. The Linen Shell Top The Linen Shell Top
  14. The Linen Shell Top The Linen Shell Top
  15. Ophelia Shirred Sleeve Shirt Ophelia Shirred Sleeve Shirt
  16. Thea Puff Sleeve Dress Thea Puff Sleeve Dress


Women’s Linen Clothing at Max

Discover the natural elegance and comfort of our women's linen clothing collection. We take pride in offering a wide range of linen garments, including linen shorts, linen skirts, linen blazers, linen t-shirts, linen blouses, linen dresses, and more. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to align with our commitment to sustainability and quality.

Our linen clothing for women is the embodiment of timeless fashion, crafted by our team and creative community. 


Linen Dresses at Max

Step into the world of linen dresses at Max, where style meets comfort. Our linen dress collection includes a variety of styles, such as maxi dresses, slip dresses, and midi dresses, all expertly crafted from luxurious linen. Whether you're heading to a casual day out or a special event, our linen dresses are designed to complement your elegance and style.

Linen's breathability and versatility make it a perfect choice for dresses that effortlessly transition from day to night. 


Linen Jackets & Blazers

Linen jackets and blazers are essential layering pieces ideal for the transitional seasons. These versatile garments can elevate your outfit effortlessly. Style your linen jacket or blazer with jeans and a linen t-shirt for a casual yet chic look, or pair it with a linen blouse and skirt for a more formal occasion.

Linen's natural texture and comfort make it a perfect choice for jackets and blazers. Discover a luxurious collection of linen jackets and blazers that embody the essence of timeless, high-quality fashion online now.


How to Take Care of Linen Clothing

Caring for your linen clothing is essential to ensure it remains in top condition. To maintain the quality and longevity of your linen garments, we recommend gentle hand washing or using a delicate cycle in cold water. For specific care instructions, refer to the care label on each garment.


Can You Bleach Linen Clothes?

We advise against using bleach on linen clothing, as it can weaken the fabric and cause discolouration. Instead, opt for milder, eco-friendly detergents when washing linen. If a stain persists, you may consider using a natural stain remover or seeking professional cleaning services. Proper care ensures that your linen clothing remains as beautiful and sustainable as the day you first wore it.

Explore our range of linen clothing at Max and embrace the comfort and style of sustainable fashion, proudly designed by women, for women.


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