with Lennie Law In Conversation

with Lennie Law

As we bask in the warmth of summer (long time, no see!), we reconnected with Lennie Law, an old friend of Max and one of the coolest women we know. A true embodiment of living to tell the stories you want to hear, Lennie, quite literally pens moments of her life from New Zealand, to the big city lights of London where she’s living out her new chapter. So, naturally, we asked her to write our manifesto for Max Summer 23/24. 

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Carla from I Am Hope In Conversation

Carla from I Am Hope

It’s often the small things we do for others in life that give us the greatest joy. We couldn’t agree more. We had the privilege of connecting with Carla King, the Clinical Lead at I Am Hope, the charitable organisation behind the Gumboot Friday initiative, to learn more about her role and ways we can make a difference in the lives of those who need us.

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Hannah from Simplify My Home In Conversation

Hannah from Simplify My Home

Meet Hannah, the brains and heart behind Simplify My Home, a business built on the foundation of just that - simplifying your home.

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our in-house seamstress,Mel In Conversation

our in-house seamstress,Mel

We like to think all the dresses we design here at Max are a work of art - but this one steals the show. Let us introduce you to Poppy, handmade with charity at heart and auctioned with all proceeds going directly to Gumboot Friday. Named Poppy, this one-of-a-kind dress is repurposed from 500 reusable face masks unpicked by Max’s head office team, and sewn by our talented in-house seamstress. With no material left behind, Poppy is a work of art.

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Donielle from DW In Conversation

Donielle from DW

Do you believe in life after love? We do, it's why we've joined forces with Designer Wardrobe as the exclusive launch partner to Sell Later on DW, a circular function that allows you to opt-in at the time of purchase and re-sell your Max pieces at a later date. We caught up with DW co-founder Donielle to chat all things circular, and how together we’re tackling one of the biggest challenges facing our industry. 

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