Andréa van der Meel In Conversation

Andréa van der Meel

It's no secret that over the past four years we've shifted our focus to people and planet by crafting pieces to last in your wardrobe while being kinder to the place we call home - a journey we're still well and truly on.

Part of our journey is transparency and being honest with you, our much-loved customer, about everything we're doing to be better. That's why we jumped at the opportunity to meet with Andréa van der Meel from All Things Considered (ALLTC), a platform for considerate fashion consumers to discover and have a say about the sustainability and ethics efforts of their favourite brands.

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Jenna Stevens In Conversation

Jenna Stevens

Heading to Roxburgh in the Central Otago, we had the privilege of visiting ZQ growers Tony and Jenna Stevens at Mount Benger Station. Here, we saw firsthand the practices that ZQ growers and The New Zealand Merino Company (NZM) are making to better the land for future generations through the ZQRX programme.

A mother, wife and passionate farmer, it was an honour to learn more about Jenna and her dedication to farming regeneratively for a better future.

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Bees Up Top In Conversation

Bees Up Top

Summer is a season where nature never ceases to disappoint. With blue skies and sunshine being a non-negotiable, we take the time to relax and appreciate all that the sunny months have to offer. Whilst we rest up, nature continues to work hard with our bees sitting high on the list of ‘hardest workers’.

We owe a lot to the bees, responsible for pollinating one third of the world's food as well as cotton flowers and other essential crops – there’s no denying that our bees are worth looking after. Dedicated to increasing New Zealand’s bee population by supplying happy, healthy hives to urban areas, we had the privilege of catching up with Jessie and her mum Vicki from Bees Up Top.

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Summer Sunkissed Introducing

Summer Sunkissed

Summer is the season we long for – now more than ever. It’s a time where our senses come alive to familiar sights, sounds, and smells as we embrace sun filled days and endlessly warm nights with open arms – feeling gratitude for the place we call home.

Celebrating the beauty this new season has to offer, we had the privilege of shooting our latest summer campaign amongst 70 hectares of olive trees at Bracu Estate.

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Donna and Monica In Conversation

Donna and Monica

Here at Max we’re all about women supporting women, something that is key in ensuring we continue growing a strong community that pioneers greatness. With our continual focus on people and planet, it’s imperative that we champion those incredible women who are making moves for the betterment of our planet - Monica and Donna from The New Zealand Merino Company are doing just that.

Given the task of developing the ZQRX programme, Donna and Monica have been on a journey together to create what is now the new benchmark in improving the wellbeing of ZQ Merino growers, generating biodiversity, and actively protecting the land for future generations.

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