Mother's Day at Max In Conversation

Mother's Day at Max

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re celebrating not only the extraordinary role of our own mothers, aunties, sisters and nurturing figures but also the incredible mothers we’re lucky enough to call colleagues and friends.

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From one mum to another In Conversation

From one mum to another

 With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it got us thinking. We often catch ourselves around the office talking about the nuances of our role as mum, sharing stories - both rewarding and challenging - as we navigate the responsibilities of motherhood with our own identities. Whether you're already a mother, expecting, seeing motherhood in your future, or playing the role of a motherly figure - this conversation’s for you.

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Lisa From Collective Hub In Conversation

Lisa From Collective Hub

As we start the year with the intentions we hope to continue (hello New Year’s resolutions), there's no time like the present for self affirmations, don’t you think? The perfect ally in this venture... none other than Lisa Messenger, founder of Collective Hub.

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with Ashlee Pulman In Conversation

with Ashlee Pulman

We’re all about beauty that’s kind to the environment and kind to your skin so when we laid eyes on Nextann, it was love at first layer. Nothing complements an outfit better than a sun-kissed glow and now we’re attending all those events that we RSVP’ed to ages ago, who better to tell us her tanning secrets than NEXTANN founder, Ashlee.

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with Lennie Law In Conversation

with Lennie Law

As we bask in the warmth of summer (long time, no see!), we reconnected with Lennie Law, an old friend of Max and one of the coolest women we know. A true embodiment of living to tell the stories you want to hear, Lennie, quite literally pens moments of her life from New Zealand, to the big city lights of London where she’s living out her new chapter. So, naturally, we asked her to write our manifesto for Max Summer 23/24. 

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