Tell us about yourself and how that led to NEXTANN.

My journey in the beauty industry spans nearly a decade. It all began with my fascination as a makeup artist, but my true passion ignited when I delved into the world of skincare, ultimately evolving into a devoted Skin Therapist. Specializing in advanced treatments, I crafted personalized skin health strategies and bespoke skincare regimens for my clients to address their unique concerns.

My passion lies in understanding the very essence of skincare products, delving deep into the ingredients and their effects at the cellular level. However, I was mortified when I started researching the ingredients concealed within the self-tanning products I had been using. What I discovered was nothing short of alarming. The research led me through a maze of brands in search of one that resonated with my values, but sadly, none fit the bill.

Just as I was on the verge of giving up on personal tanners, a spark of inspiration struck. I asked myself, "Why not create our own?" This way, I could guarantee that our tanner would prioritize skin care while delivering stunning results. Simultaneously, I was still immersed in the beauty industry, witnessing the immense environmental waste it generated, particularly in the form of unrecyclable plastic packaging. It was a turning point – a moment of clarity. If we were to establish NEXTANN, it had to mark a new era in skincare-based tanning, prioritizing both the health of the skin and the environment from the outset. Thus, NEXTANN was born.

For those who are new to NEXTANN, can you give us a little introduction.

NEXTANN is the Next Generation in Skincare-based Personal Tan. Using premium 100% Plantbased ingredients in our Serum Tan Mist, focusing on healthy skin function, we have developed the best in personal Tanners.

Some of us know all too well the fake tan smell. When we tried NEXTANN, one of the first things we noticed was that it didn’t have that smell and we’re not mad about it. Can you share the secret behind it?

Most personal tanners are heavily fragranced to mask the scent of the ingredients or the reaction that occurs when the tans start to develop. This is due to high levels of DHA (tanning agent). We have not added any fragrance to the Serum Tan Mist, however when misting the product you might get the slightest hint of Rose as our water base is Rose Water. We have also used a combination of plantbased tanning agents, the primary one being Erythrulose. This Tanning agent doesn’t create a smell when developing, unlike DHA can.

The feeling of the Serum Tan Mist is like nothing we have felt before. Tell us about the formulation and why  our skin feels so lush after using it.

The formulation of our Serum Tan Mist revolves entirely around skin hydration, as we firmly believe that well-hydrated skin is healthy skin. To achieve this, we've meticulously selected ingredients that not only hydrate but also provide essential nourishment. Our secret lies in the infusion of Coconut Water and Rose Water, which work harmoniously to penetrate the skin, leaving it deeply moisturized. Resulting in our signature silky velvet touch, enhancing your overall skin experience.

Having dedicated most of your life to empowering women to feel their best, what does beauty mean to you?

What an excellent question! Beauty is incredibly individual and unique, which is what makes it so exceptional. To me, beauty is more than what is on the outside, it's also what's inside that counts. While working in the beauty industry can sometimes lead us down the path of emphasizing the superficial aspects of beauty, true empowerment, in my opinion, revolves around self-acceptance. It's about loving yourself for who you are, recognizing that we are all unique, and that these differences are to be cherished and celebrated. Rather than comparing yourself to others, look within yourself and see the true beauty that is within you.

We love that you are so passionate about sustainability and embracing caring for the beauty of this world. Tell us a little more about this initiative.

It's no secret that the beauty industry is a significant contributor to the plastic waste that ultimately finds its way into our oceans and ecosystems. When embarking on the journey of creating a new beauty brand, this concern weighed heavily on my conscience. I found myself questioning whether I would become part of the problem. Then, it dawned on me: why not strive to become the change that the industry so desperately needs? What if we, as a startup business, could lead by example and demonstrate that choosing sustainable packaging is not only feasible but crucial for the well-being of our planet? By refusing to settle for cheaper, less eco friendly alternatives, we would be sending a powerful message: our Earth's future depends on our choices. If we can successfully shift the industry's standard towards sustainability, we will be making a substantial positive impact.

When shopping the world of beauty products, what are some of your do’s and don’ts that influence whether you take a product home with you or not?

Do: Prioritize ingredient quality. Make sure the product you're considering genuinely cares for your skin and delivers results. Quality ingredients trump synthetic and chemical-based ingredients that may exist merely for the smell or feel. I'm all about achieving tangible results, and quality is the key to success.

Don't: Get swept up in buying an excessive amount of skincare products just because it's trending. Remember that everyone's skin is unique, and it has distinct needs. While some people may thrive with an extensive 10-step routine that aligns with their lifestyle, others may find their best results with a simple 3-step regimen. The essential point is to discover a skincare routine that works for you and the specific products that deliver the results you desire.

What advice would you give to the modern New Zealand woman about self-care?

Never neglect self-care! As modern women, we frequently find ourselves deeply engrossed in the demands of our careers, the care of our families, the upkeep of our households, and our social lives. Unfortunately, our own self-care moments often end up at the very bottom of the list, treated as a luxury "if we have time" Yet, here's the truth: if your batteries are running on empty, how can you possibly give your all to those who depend on you? Consider it not as an optional indulgence, but as a vital time to recharge your batteries. By doing so, you'll be better equipped to bring your best self to the people in your life.

It’s Saturday and you’re spending the night in. What would a typical self-care moment look like for you?

I love this! I'm all for a night in. First I would take a bath and do all my skincare including a face mask and full body exfoliation, ready for a fresh layer of The Serum Tan Mist, then make an easy, fresh meal to have while watching a movie.

With the social season in full bloom, what are your top tips for the perfect tan?

Exfoliation! Exfoliation is the secret to achieving the perfect tan, and it all begins with using our Exfoliating Glove. This crucial step ensures that there's no buildup of dead, dry skin for the tan to cling to, resulting in an even, flawless tan. Here's my next tip: Follow a simple yet effective routine to maintain your beautiful glow consistently. Start by exfoliating and then apply The Serum Tan Mist. After three days, gently exfoliate again (without removing the entire tan, just the top layer), and follow up with another application of The Serum Tan Mist. This routine keeps your skin well-hydrated, well-cared for, and radiantly glowing throughout the week. It's the perfect solution for occasions that aren't all conveniently lined up on consecutive nights

Quick Fire Questions:

The best tune to play while applying NEXTANN is…

I love a little country music. Helps me relax and take my time to enjoy the self-care moment.

Your must-have summer wardrobe includes…

A silky slip or flowy dress

Your Summer rituals look like…

Focusing on the health of my skin with the changing season. Maintaining a good regime of Exfoliation, applying the Serum Tan Mist, and hydration. Also, I eat and drink plenty of fruit and water to boost my skin from within.

A quote you live by...

“All you need to do is, Increase your chance of Success”. No matter if you are trying to accomplish something in your personal or professional life, all you need to do, is keep doing the small things that will increase the chances of success.

In summer, we’d find you where?

At the beach with a good book.