Tell us, how did Six Barrel came about?

Six Barrel Soda Co. started out in 2012 as a little soda shop in Wellington, which itself was a spin-off of our dive bar/burger joint. We wanted to make a space where people could try interesting non-alc drinks and see us making the syrups. We love the idea of bringing transparency to a usually secretive process. The soda shop was super popular and we started sending out our syrups to other hospitality spots and retailers across NZ.

We love that you are keepers of your craft, hand-making your soda syrups from scratch, would you say this is somewhat of a creative process for you and the team?

For sure. Creativity and experimentation is a big part of what we do. Developing unusual and surprising flavours is always on our minds and most of them work out. The ones that don’t are interesting at least! ..

Six Barrel is based in Wellington, what are your favourite local hangouts and businesses you’ll be spending time at this summer?

I love a Wellington summer, my favourite outdoor missions are a walk around red rocks, a swim in one of the bays and river swimming at Kaitoke or in the Wairarapa is amazing. The city waterfront is beautiful when the weather is decent and gelato at Freyberg beach is a staple. There are so many great businesses around the Cuba / Ghuznee area where we work so I try to get all my xmas presents from places like Iko Iko, Precinct 35 and of course Max - with a glass of wine at The Ascot afterwards.

What’s the most adventurous drink you’ve heard that’s been made with your syrups?

Chow in Wellington just made a drink using our syrup for Wellington On A Plate with cosmopolitan bubble tea, mojito jelly and a mai tai foam, that’s pretty adventurous!.

What’s your top syrup for the festive season?

I love a splash of our Cherry Pomegranate Syrup in sparkling wine. It’s easy and makes a cheap sparkling taste and look impressive.

What would be the perfect dish to serve back with (the recipe put together for Max)?
The drink is an aperitif style drink so it’s perfect for early evening drinks with antipasto platters, or just a bag of chips and onion dip.

Dandy Spritz

30mL Six Barrel Soda Co. Orange & Dandelion Syrup
30mL Aperol
90mL-120mL Prosecco/Sparkling Wine/Sparkling Water to top
Method: Mix the syrup and Aperol over ice in a large tumbler or wine glass, top with Prosecco. Stir gently and garnish with lavender flowers and citrus..