Picture this: your pantry looks like it could give the Kardashians a run for their money. Your wardrobe? It’s so well organised, that it practically shouts “spring clean”. No more of the dreaded draw where things disappear into the darkness to never be seen again.

We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t an Instagrammers dream. From spice racks to Winslow baskets and velvet coat hangers, your dream of an organised life is just a few small steps away. And because you were wondering, Hannah’s wardrobe is colour coordinated too, because those kinds of things are important, right?

As spring blooms, the age-old ritual of spring cleaning feels appropriate. Whether it’s your house, your car, or that brimming wardrobe of yours, Hannah’s our girl for kickstarting your journey to a simplified home.

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Simplify My Home.

Firstly, I want everyone to know that I was an unorganised person. Organisation and having order in my life are learned habits, which have changed my life.

Prior to having children, I worked in a very busy commercial role. I met my now, husband at the age of 26 and I became a stepmother of two young children. The children were very young, only 1 and 2 years old. I started to understand the pressure of working full-time, and parenting two young kids, and I started to suffer from extreme anxiety, I quite literally couldn’t keep on top of everything. I fell pregnant with my daughter Olivia, and following her birth I went through terrible Post Natal Depression. My house was in absolute chaos and so was my mind. My stress and anxiety had a negative impact on my family.

My sister-in-law, gifted me a “pantry makeover” for my birthday. We went to many different stores to find jars and baskets. We even imported labels from Australia. It was a stressful process, but the feeling was indescribable. I instantly felt calm and relaxed. I was no longer throwing food out and I could plan my meals effectively. Three months later, I found out all my food was stale. The $500.00 I spent on jars was a waste of money. We soon realised there was nowhere you could go in New Zealand to purchase all things organisation. There was no good quality product available in New Zealand.  We spent months sourcing high-quality eco-friendly products, which over the last four years have expanded into organisation for all areas of your home.

They say good order is the foundation of all things. Let’s talk about having an organised home and the impact on mental health.

Having an organised home is so important for mental health, having a routine and being able to find things easily in your home reduces anxiety significantly. Naturally, when our homes are chaotic, most people feel uneasy, if we are stressed trying to find things, we end up rushing and leaving the house in a fluster. This is then passed on to our children. I often felt so guilty dropping my kids at school when I had been running around frantically.

I live by “setting your day up for success”. If you do a quick 20-minute reset every night before bed, make lunches, lay out clothes, wipe down benches and do a quick vacuum. Our family wake up in the morning and we can sit and enjoy breakfast without the stress and mad rush. I've seen unbelievable changes in my children since implementing this simple routine.

Spring calls for a spring clean. What does a seasonal refresh look like in your life?

A seasonal refresh looks for me is doing a deep clean in each area of my home, as I do this I declutter, and items that I won’t use or wear are donated or sold. I also do a wardrobe rotation in each wardrobe moving it from a winter wardrobe to a summer wardrobe. 

We all know how it feels to part with something we “might wear one day” - being a hoarder, having an emotional connection, battling sentimentality, or simply finding it hard to let go - whatever you call it, we’ve all experienced it. Do you have a magic recipe to help us decide when it’s time to part ways with that piece in your wardrobe that you “might wear one day”?

Being intentional about what clothes you DO want, will make getting rid of clothes you DON’T want so much easier.

Sentimental items are okay to keep. However, try and get rid of clothes that you haven't worn in over a year. Your style will change, and trends will change, so if you can donate or sell them. This will give you some extra money in your pocket to purchase new styles! Clothing that no longer fits, or I will get to wear that ‘one day’, you deserve to wear everything in your wardrobe and love everything you wear. 

Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. For someone who’s looking to embark on a spring clean, what advice would you give them?

 When you are organising any area, start small and start in an area which holds the least amount of sentimental items. Start in an area in which you will know you can make quick decisions and will be a quick job, even if it's just one drawer. It will bring you so much joy. 

With the chaos of family life, do you have any tips on simplifying your children’s lives and teaching them organisational habits?

Reduce the amount of clutter in your children’s bedrooms, wardrobes and playrooms. If they are items, the kids are no longer using then look to sell or donate.  Toy rotation is a great idea, that keeps children excited to see toys that have been stored away. Labelling is key for children, if they can read, they know where to put things back. 

What are your top tips for maintaining an organised wardrobe?

Seasonal Rotation and regular decluttering. Having a capsule wardrobe is key. Buy quality so it lasts longer.

The million-dollar question… is your wardrobe colour-coordinated?

 Of course, it is!

Quick Fire Questions:

When in the spring clean groove, what tune would we hear in the background?

Oh, it depends on what mood I’m in, but I do love Ed Sheeran! 

In spring, we’d find you where?

 At the beach or enjoying a wine at a restaurant – I’m a big foodie.

What quote do you live by?

“A place for everything & everything in its place”

Your spring style looks like…

I’m loving neutrals, with pops of bright colours!

And because we must ask, what are your spring wardrobe go-tos?

The Everyday Blazer in white and black, The Everyday Shirt and The Ultimate Wide Leg Pant